With LIBERO, when Lambo?

Prize pool: $3000 - End: Mar 18
With LIBERO's 158,893.59% Fixed APY, your money grows while you sleep. 😴 From only holding $LIBERO in your wallet, how long would it take for your $1,000 worth of $Libero to become worth the equivalent of a brand new 🚘Lambo ($200,000)?
Make a guess for a chance to win!
💵3 lucky winners will each receive a "seed" of $1,000 worth of $LIBERO to grow into their Lambo dream!
Celebrating LIBERO at Times Square Mar 13-19🎊
🗽The Billboard will be live In New York, home of the Statue of Liberty!
🗽The location right on Times Tower (Mar 13), the well know icon of New York City, this was also the location of the well known Doge banner
Let's spread LIBERO's awesome news for financial freedom.
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🔸your guess
Eg: Just by holding $LIBERO in your wallet
Your $1,000 becomes Lambo ($200,000) in (state the number of days) many days?
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Contest period: Mar 08 to Mar 18 11:59 PM (UTC)
The correct answer will appear on LIBERO's billboard at Time Square (1540 Broadway) on the last day of the 1 week ad campaign (Mar 19), let’s find out!
Hint - Here is a guide to show how your $1,000 grows each month with 158,893% Fixed APY (not to mention 7% BUSD passive income): in table attached!