$100K BUSD Airdropped to xLIBERO Holders on Mar 13th When LIBERO Times Square Billboard Goes Live

Airdrop: 14:00 UTC Mar 13 2022
To celebrate LIBERO Times Square Billboard and the successful launch of LIBERO BANK, we will airdrop $100,000 BUSD taken from the $581,277.82 total BUSD reward fund to xLIBERO holders!
How Much Will I Receive?
It depends on the total xLibero in circulation and your percentage of that total xLibero amount.
For example: if your share/total of the total xLibero in circulation is 3.01% when the airdrop happens, you will receive $3,010 BUSD.
The airdropped BUSD will go directly to your claimable BUSD in the Libero bank, you can choose between claiming to BUSD or compounding to $LIBERO / $THOREUM / $MVC / $EPICHERO without paying buy tax 🔥
How Can I Qualify for a Share of This Massive $100,000 BUSD Reward?
All xLIBERO holders before 14:00 UTC Mar 13 are qualified! Buy $LIBERO and lock it in LIBERO BANK, you will become xLIBERO holders. If you want to increase your share of the $100,000 BUSD you can purchase more Libero and lock it for xLibero or you can increase the lock period of your Libero already locked, as increasing the lock period up to a maximum of 4 years will give a closer to 1:1 ratio of Libero to xLibero.
When Will The Airdrop Occur?
14:00 UTC Mar 13 2022
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