LIBERO BANK Affiliate Program

Earn up to 10% commision in BUSD + 10% commision in LIBERO with 5 Referral Bonus Levels
Make every day a payday, with LIBERO Bank Affiliate Program! Share your referral link and get paid in BUSD and LIBERO directly to your wallet!
For every referred LIBERO token which is locked in LIBERO BANK, referrers will receive both:
🤑10% bonus in BUSD from 5 Levels of Referrers:
1st Level Refer (your direct friend who used your referral link to buy and lock LIBERO): 5%
2nd Level Refer (referred friends of 1st Level Refer): 2.5%
3rd Level Refer (referred friends of 2nd Level Refer): 1%
4th Level Refer (referred friends of 3rd Level Refer): 1%
5th Level Refer (referred friends of 4th Level Refer): 0.5%
🤑10% bonus in LIBERO with 5 Levels
1st Level Refer: 5%
2nd Level Refer: 2.5%
3rd Level Refer: 1%
4th Level Refer: 1%
5th Level Refer: 0.5%
Important notices:
1. The referrer is allocated once, at the time of the first LIBERO lock. There is no way to change your referrer. Every subsequent lock, the referrer will get their share.
2. Each user cannot use their referral code for themselves.
3. If the user does not have a valid referrer, the next time they lock their LIBERO the referral code they use will decide who their referrer is.
4. Your friends will not lose any thing when you get your commission from this system. The commission comes from the system incentive pool.
Invite successfully 1 friend and you can earn from 5 tiers of referral thanks to our innovative 5-Level-Referral-Bonus
This is a A zero-risk way to make effortless passive income for lifetime and there is no limit to how much unlimited!
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