$LIBERO description.
$LIBERO is a BEP20 token with an elastic supply which rewards its holders with a positive rebase formula, thus creating the first AutoStaking and AutoCompouning token backed by Defi 3.0 multichain farming.


Burn Fund: 20%. Will be used to burn 2-4% of total circulating supply every week.
Reserve fund: Strategic partnership (Exchanges listing, KOLs, future investors...): 10%.
Mining Incentive Fund: In case not all token is sold at presale, this fund will use all the token left for holder's mining incentive program.
Team: 10%. Vesting 0.4% weekly (~6 months fully vested)
Public sale: 36%
Liquidity: 18%.
ITO fee: 2%.

Transfer tax:

Buy Fee: 15%
Sell Fee: 30%
Transfer Fee: 15%.
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Transfer tax: