Libero Presale ITO
$LIBERO token will be launch on Thoreum ITO Platform using overflow method to make sure everyone will have a spot in the presale.
1. ITO Time:
⏳Presale: 16:00 UTC Jan 26, 2022
⏳PancakeSwap launch: 15:00 UTC Jan 29, 2022
2. ITO Structure
Token - BEP20 Name: Libero Financial Freedom
Symbol: LIBERO
Total supply: 5,000,000,000 (Five billions)


Burn Fund: 20%. Will be used to burn 2-4% of total circulating supply every week.
Reserve fund: Strategic partnership (Exchanges listing, KOLs, future investors...): 10%.
Mining Incentive Fund: In case not all token is sold at presale, this fund will use all the token left for holder's mining incentive program.
Team: 10%. Vesting 0.4% weekly (~6 months fully vested)
Public sale: 36%
Liquidity: 18%.
ITO fee: 2%.
3. Prices💲:
Commit with BUSD on White Listed Pool ( You need to hold at least 100 THOREUM in order to join):
1 LIBERO = $0.0009 (10% discount)
Commit with THOREUM, MVC, EPICHERO, THUNDERCAKE, THUNDERBNB, THUNDERADA, THUNDERETH (You need to hold at least 50 THOREUM in order to join):
1 LIBERO = $0.00095 (5% discount)
Commit with BUSD or WBNB on BUSD or WBNB Pool:
1 LIBERO = $0.001
PancakeSwap launch price:
1 LIBERO = $0.001
4. 😎Advantages for buying in this Presale😎
🧨 You are buying at the best price, that is to say from where the price starts because up to where it goes up, that has no limit.
🧨 Free of 13% buy fee that will be from the moment LIBERO launch on PancakeSwap.
5. Referral program
Get your referral link when you connect your wallet on THOREUM ITO website, share to your friends and earn 2% of their final allocated deposit!
You will automatically receive your commission when they claim their LIBERO on Presale ending day.
6. What will happen after presale end and not all token is sold
All the unsold tokens will be send to incentive fund to be rewarded to current holders through a limited Liquidity Mining & Play to Earn rewards program. So you can earn even bigger from the LIBERO you hold.
These program will end when all of those tokens are rewarded to LIBERO miners/players.
7. How will LIBERO be used after presale?
Libero rewards holders with 2.04% daily interest, auto-compounding every 30 minutes, making 158,893.59% APY. Simply hold $LIBERO and watch your $1,000 become $1,588,936 in a year. Backed by our innovative LIT algorithm using automatic buyback & burn to support the price.* *Earnings are calculated in a scenario where the LIT sustains the rebase reward for 365 days.
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