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1st AMA with Leo (Lead Dev of Libero.financial)

Fiore Jack: Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Libero Financial ! Today we have @lionheart1979 The lead Dev of Libero joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you here 😀 Leo.
Libero Leo: Hello Fiore, hi all
Fiore Jack: Great! So how this will work is, the AMA will consist of three rounds. The first round will be us going through the project Introduction. Then the second round will consists of Questions from Google docs form. Finally we shall have a 3rd round for community Questions. It will be a community round where I will open up the room to allow questions to come in.
Libero Leo: Great, I am excited to be here, Thank you for having me and giving the opportunity to talk to the famous Thoreum family in this first of many AMA.
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:07:53]: Awesome So, let's start the AMA ❤️
Here's Our 1st Question with you

Question 1: Please Introduce Yourself and the Team Behind Libero Financial

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:12:52]: My name is Libero Leo and I am the Lead dev of LIBERO Financial,
Personally, I have 20 years experience as a developer and I have been working in crypto specifically for around 4 years. I also have experience in Management and Advertising as I used to hold a management role in a large software company.
I am also a close personal friend of Zeus Thunder and thanks to his encouragement I started to develop my own crypto projects.
That's a little background on me and my involvement.
As for the rest of the team, the Libero team is a diverse group of highly skilled developers, security experts, viral marketers, and professional yield farmers having profound experience in defi & farming.
We have been analysing all the successful products in Defi space and want to bring a breakthrough product to the market. Our team has exhaustively studied what causes projects in the DeFi space to implode. We have subsequently implemented redundancies and safety measures in both the contracts and the tokenomics to prevent attack vectors, single-source oracle exploits, possible minting & rug codes and other issues that could potentially stop a project in its tracks.
Our competent team has the knowledge, drive, and aptitude, capable of scaling Libero to the moon, and beyond. From deep knowledge of farming & defi, to unparalleled viral marketing execution, and robust influencer connections with fail-safe digital marketing strategies, the team at Libero is on a mission to make Libero the game changer in crypto space, opening up a new era of Defi 3.0 & Fixed APY.
We are also very lucky because backing us through the rain or shine is our strategic partner & investor Thoreum.capital, who have strong financial as well as user base support, they have a famous community of diamond handed investors (61,893++ holders) & strong local communities worldwide (16 local groups & 300,000 members in total). We have a direct advisory board composed of core members of Thoreum capital.

Question 2: How did you choose/end up with a name “Libero ”? What was your thoughts back then, so you decided with "Libero”?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:23:27]: We have been working night and day thoroughly analyzing hundreds of Defi projects, why they fail and why they succeed, and we come up with a simple conclusion: we need to build a project with a very simple concept for the masses to understand but also it needs to have an underlying mechanism that can bring financial freedom to its holders sustainably. So Libero in Italian is Freedom. Also when we think of freedom we think of the Statue of Liberty, combine those concepts together and we have Libero = Financial Freedom and the Logo you see now!

Question 3: Ambassadors Play a Very Important Role in Every Project, Do You Have An Ambassador Program? If Yes, How Can I Be One?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:29:50]: Yes we are looking for Ambassadors, and we think ambassadors are an important part of a successful project. We will soon have a form for you to apply for such a position. I really think an ambassador who is in love with LIBERO is better than 10 high-profile influencers out there. Thank you, done!
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:32:50]: Great to hear about this will sure wait to get into Ambassador plan and be in the affiliation for Libero
The next question is about one of the most attractive parts of the Project "The APR".

Question 4: Everybody Is Very Curious If We Are Going To Sustain the APR Successfully?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:38:26 (Feb 7, 2022 at 14:39:23)]: "Libero enables its holders to automatically compound their investment and returns, as the protocol auto rewards its holders with 2.04% a day with the compounding APY of 158,893.59% every 30 minutes, 48 times a day."
Simple for anyone to understand, right?
But, seeing the size of this APY, one may wonder — how is such APY attainable?
We are inspired by Titano (Auto-Staking) & MVC (Multiverse Capital - Defi 3.0 Farming as a Service), the very innovative projects recently launched on BSC. But they are both 2-3 months old, and in Defi, 3 months is like 3 years and as we are a strong & innovative team of dev & viral marketers, we still see that we can bring more and more creative ideas to their models. We want to even innovate the innovators and bring financial freedom without our holders, sustainably.
So, Libero leverages a number of revenue-generating mechanisms to sustain its high APY:
  1. 1.
    13% Buy and 20% sell fees The protocol takes a portion of the trading fees (buying and selling) and utilizes these to make a treasury fund and a Libero Insurance Treasury fund to further sustain and back the protocol and its liquidity.
  2. 2.
    The most important part: we will use Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to increase the LIT exponentially at a rate of ~50% a year or more to better support LIBERO price floor.
  3. 3.
    Protocol-owned Liquidity: to get Pancake Swap transaction tax to the protocol, and we aren't afraid of users breaking their liquidity and draining liquidity.
  4. 4.
    Automatic Hyper Burn. Every week, between 2% and 4% of the total circulating supply will be burned. This percentage will evolve over the days based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm.
As you can see, TITANO doesn't have multi chain farming and hyper burn, even though they don't have innovative tokenomics like us, they have already grown well in 3 months. We have more innovative tokenomics and we strongly believe in the sustainability of LIBERO's future.
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:43:10]: That was easy to understand so You are going to keep innovating this project even more that's also great to hear which brings us to next Question.

Question 5: Where is LIBERO right now compared to TITANO?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:45:03]: Thank you, interesting question. About 1 hour ago I just made a screenshot of Titano's chart & LIBERO's chart , let me share with you the picture, I like text AMA because we can sum up many points in a few sentences and pictures
TITANO is about 80 days and LIBERO is about 8 days old, interestingly we have quite a similar start to them
So you can see from the 2 charts, we are just at the beginning and if we continue to track the way they have we have a an awesome journey ahead of us. The price can be at least x15 from here compared to the 2 charts. But with the power of compounding, after 70 days you will also x4 the amount of LIBERO that you have today. So if you hold from today it can be x60 if we just follow Titano's chart. However, with our unique tokenomics and mechanisms, we will be much stronger than Titano, what we have done today is nothing compared to what we can and will achieve.
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:52:28]: This chart is amazing 🚀 supper Bullish. Also loving the mechanism of Libero
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:52:38]: Thank you!
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:54:16]: Now here's one question that many were looking forward too.

Question 5. Hello LionHeart First of all I think libero is a very Interesting Project, but I'm Very Curious About Your Long-Term Vision. I now have 275,000 Libero. If I held this for 1 year I would have 437,232,395.72 Libero, at the Current Price that is 1,641,749.78 usd. But There Are Already More Than 12,000 Holders of Which at Least 500 Holders With More Than 275,000 Libero. Then How Could I Ever Cash Out More Than 1 Million in Value if The Other 500 Holders With More Than 275,000 Libero Also Want To Cash Out 1 million, There Need To be More Than 500 Million Liquidity?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 14:58:41]: Interesting and important question, our analyst team have already researched game-theory and observed Defi users behaviors from many successful projects. We found out that in any project that users are smart and cooperate, eventually everyone will win. We have build an excel sheet and if you follow this strategy all our LIBERO's holders will be winners
The details is in this file, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tcPooSLZxer3tG5Cq3wNO0wuNCgGbHQvNLRjUENflg8/edit?usp=sharing . But let me describe the strategy here for you
Thanks to the magic of 158,893.59% APY, you can cash out 1% of your $LIBERO holding every day, and still grow your $LIBERO holding exponentially. How is this possible?
Period 1: Day 1 to day 14 Simply hold for compounding to 132% initial LIBERO. Calculator: https://libero.financial/app
Period 2: Day 15 to 37 Cash out 1% of current holding everyday, and $LIBERO holding still x2 initial capital on day 37. Total cashed out: 34%.
Period 3: Day 38 to day 71 Cash out 1% of current holding everyday. At day 71 you already cashed out 102% initial capital, and $LIBERO holding still grew to 340% initial capital on day 71.
This 71 days strategy is very feasible, remember Titano have been continuing for 80 days and still very strong.
If LIBERO continue to Day 100: With just 1% Cash out of current holding everyday, you already cashed out 180% initial capital, and $LIBERO holding still grown to 500% initial capital on day 100
The calculations are purely based on price, which is still the same with today, and does not include gains from price increase. Income might be multiplied further with growth in price as new investors join.
If LIBERO's investors follow this strategy, not just everyone is profitable in cash after 71 days, our calculation shows that $Libero's model will last for at least 5 years, which allows time for many new investors to join, and Market Cap could reach Billions of Dollars.
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:12:59]: Guess I have to read this sheet with coffee , super lit model For libero.
We have compared with titano but libero has already innovated the model so, Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:14:49]: Yeah you should my friend, I also suggest all the holders and especially the whales in LIBERO follow this strategy, so we will win together! Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:16:22 (Feb 7, 2022 at 15:16:49)]: I just checked the whale bots seems like we are going to ATH during AMA 🚀🚀

Q6. What Projects Do You Consider Competitors and What Differentiates You From Them, if There Are Any?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:19:10]: Currently there is NO ONE following our tokenomics. No other project has a multichain farming component. The closest competitor is Titano though they let their fund sit in their wallet rather than putting those funds to work, cross chain, to generate more funds. Considering our ability to innovate and comparing the data in recent days, I think at some point they will lag behind.
Our model is novel and unique. We are NOT a Titano fork as many have mistakenly claimed.
We are an innovative Defi 3.0 Investing/Farming token with a mechanism for allowing 158,893.59% automatic compounding interest.
People often confuse LIBERO as TITANO fork. We are not!
LIBERO has 3 innovate key points that other Defi 3.0 projects and TITANO don't have.
1/ ~1.6x Higher APY. LIBERO delivers 158,893.59% fixed APY compared to 102,483.58% fixed APY.
2/ Multi-chain farming using LIT funds. The LIT funds are bridged to other EVM-compatible blockchains - like Avalanche, Fantom, Solana, Metis, Polygon, etc. to farm at the highest APY farms and the profit returned to the LIT fund. We aim to deliver ~50% additional returns a year or more to better support LIBERO price floor. We are confident that we can support 50% higher APY than other high APY projects while still being sustainable.
TITANO RFV fund sits in the wallet and will not grow at this speed.
3/ Automatic Hyper Burn. Every week, 2 to 4% of the total circulating supply will be burned. This percentage will evolve over the days based on our Automatic Hyper Burn algorithm. The burn calculation will be updated daily according to the number of holders and the tokens held by each.
With our Hyper burn program, 2-4% of total circulating supply is automatically burned every week, so LIBERO's total supply will constantly be deflating against your balance, while your balance is constantly increasing against LIBERO's total supply. This built-in mechanism creates a true supply/demand metric to the LIBERO token as it becomes ever scarcer against your balance with time.
In simple words, if you just hold LIBERO, your share of total market cap will be ever-increasing. Even if market cap does not grow (no new investors), the USD value of tokens in your wallet will still be growing. If market cap is raised by having new investors, your USD value of tokens will grow even more thanks to your share/total supply increasing continuously every week.
This is an innovative feature only in LIBERO, TITANO doesn’t have this feature.
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:27:30]: Projects comparison Libero innovates Titano with Defi 3.0 Multichain farming & Hyper burn & fully decentralized autostaking
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:27:30]: P/s: You can find detailed comparison of projects here: https://docs.libero.financial/projects-comparison
This brings us to the next question 😎

Q7. When Will You Start Farming and Who Will Manage the Portfolio? Will it be Thoreum Team or MVC Team Do They Have Experience in Multi-Chain Farming?

Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:29:08]: Thank you for the question, I think farming is the most important part to sustain LIBERO's high APR
3 days ago, we started farming multi-chain with a fund of 230K USD. Thanks to the growth of our project, the current value of the LIT fund is now $458K and all of this is bridged cross chain for farming. In the next few days, we will also bring the treasury to farming, which will make the total farming fund over $700K, the same size as MVC's farming fund. This is really a remarkable achievement, considering that the Libero fund is just 7 days old and the fund is already as big as a leading FaaS projects'. This means Libero is now already an FaaS project, on par with other FaaS projects.
As you can see on this picture, MVC is number 6 in all block chains Farming as a Service and no.1 in the whole BSC, which is a remarkable achievement. But we are different from them, we just farm stable coins ( BUSD, USDC, DAi, etc.) which has pros and cons.
MVC and other FaaS projects may be more profitable than LIBERO, in the short term, especially when we have a bull market. But LIBERO will be more stable, and we don't fear a bear market. Even with BNB, ETH and other coins going down, LIBERO's treasury will be going up, so the price is very well supported.
The major part of the farming fund (2/3) is the Libero Insurance Treasury fund and will be invested in stable coin and 1/3 is in treasury BNB and might be held or invested in farming, so the experience of farming with Libero is different.
That is because, generaly speaking, the target of farming is partially to protect fund, and partially to develop the fund. We are the only FaaS project out there that has both a stable coin fund (defensive) and a BNB fund (offensive). To utilize those funds, we are looking for top experts, right now Thoreum experts are in Libero's Advisor board, contributing to our farming decision.
With a strong team of experts in farming, we are targeting a 50%+ profit/year - quite impressive profit from stable coin farming. Stable coin interest rates now normally range from 1 - 5% / year in many countries, while Libero's current stable coin farming profit is now 62% a year, quite amazing even for me!
After some time, we may have an expert to record our investment decision weekly in our blog to announce to the community. But at this point we keep our heads down and do our job, we prefer proven evidence rather than just talking.
Also while farming, we realize that the safest & most profitable way to farm is to build up the farm ourselves. Hence in the future, there might be a new project cooperation between Libero & Thoreum, this might be for high APR farming, to increase farming efficiency. We know that this relationship with Thoreum will be highly effective and efficient, as Thoreum is known for creating awesome tokenomics. If launched, this farming project will be an ITO on the fair launch Thoreum platform, and enable people to participate by using LIBERO. So please follow Thoreum channels to receive more information on this in the future.
So if you want high profit, hold some MVC, they have already x2 their farming fund in 3 weeks, which is very impressive. If you want a stable farm that always grows regardless of BTC fluctuations, hold LIBERO. Of course, we would love for you to be holding both if it suits your portfolio.
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 15:49:35]: Evolution is the secret of Next step glad you mentioned future Corporations for high APR farming
We have Next question we have here is about the competition gameplay

Q8. Now The Market is Flooded with Many Projects and Extreme Competition. How Will You Ensure Libero Always Gets Users and Stays Above Your Competitors?

We already know that if LIBERO becomes successful, soon there will be people trying to copy our tokenomics. Let me say this clearly now; we are not afraid of that, we have designed LIBERO in a way that makes it almost impossible to copy. Let me explain why it is nearly impossible.
In order to copy LIBERO, a new project needs to provide an equal or higher APY. But to sustain a higher APY that the one we have posted is a very difficult task, many projects already failed to copy TITANO on Fantom network, such as Poseidon & Pallas.
To retain a high APY, a project need:
1. Huge Amounts of Liquidity. If not, the early investors who accumulated a large amount from start and have the highest compounded interest can make a whale dump, and the price will drop to near zero if liquidity is not large enough to cover the dump! After this other panic sellers will follow and the price of the token is effectively dead. That happened in the above 2 cases of Poseidon (https://poseidonfinancexyz.com) and Pallas (https://pallas.finance/) on Fantom. This is one of the many reasons we did not simply make a Titano fork, to do so would have been much simpler than building an entire token from scratch, but that would have meant also inheriting any flaws that comes from the token. We wrote this project from the bottom to the top and that is why we are sure of the security and tokenomics of the project.
Our intent is to make a millions dollars liquidity right at the start! The higher the ratio between Liquidity/Marketcap, the better the price protection when someone dumps their holdings.
Thanks to our strategic partner THOREUM, LIBERO has successfully raised $1.6M from presale and this huge fund is used to build liquidity, so we have large liquidity as soon as we launched! TITANO needed about 1 month to generate that liquidity level. Poseidon and Pallas never reached it, which inevitably led to their downfall.
To show how effective this liquidity has been at protecting us we have an example, there were 2 big whale dumps: $250K & $750K on 31-Jan and 05-Feb, but the price just decreased slightly and went up again steadily!
Currently, Libero's liquidity/Circulating supply = 4M/20M, the ratio is around 1/5 while TITANO is 5M/50M around 1/10. So LIBERO liquidity/Circulating supply ratio is 2 times higher than TITANO which means the protection for everyone when a whale dumps and reduces the price is 2x better.
In order to success, a copying project also needs:
2. Great Marketing and Campaign to have a huge number of users and transactions to generate high volume for tax:
With our viral marketing expert and especially strong support from the professional marking team of Thoreum, in only 7 days we have achieved 🚀
🔸 18K+ Holders
🔸 Volume $500k+ to $1M+ daily
Listed, Ranking & Certified
🔸 Listed on CoinMarketCap, BSCscan, DappRadar, Coinbase, Crypto.com & more to come.
🏆 Top Gainer on CoinMarketCap
🏆 Top 4 Trending CoinMarketCap, Top 2 Dextools, Top 3 Crypto.com
🏆 Top 5 Most viewed on CoinMarketCap
🏆 Top 1 Holder Growth on Dapp.com
🏆 Top 1 Users & Volume New Dapp on DappRadar
🔸 Libero logo verified by Pancakeswap, Poocoin, Trust Wallet, Dextools, BscScan
Thanks to this, in 7 days we made a huge number of transactions, leading to bigger & bigger tax amounts added to liquidity. You can see that our volume yesterday was 1.5x of Titano volume
The 3rd requirement is Farming Experts. We have farming experts to develop our fund effectively ~50% a year regardless of any crypto weather, good or bad. This is achieved with regular support by Thoreum's advisors, and in the future, if we can join-develop a farm with Thoreum, you can see that our farming fund will both sky rocket.
And the last but not least, is 4 - Strong Community. We have a community that really loves LIBERO. I was on chat for 2 whole days last week and I already feel a strong & enthusiastic community is emerging. We have holders, Liberators, who are always there to protect us from fud & spread good news for us, which you cannot find in other projects like Titano. I think this is one of the most important aspects that someone trying to copy LIBERO would have to imitate and that would be impossible.
All in all, I am confident that with these 4 unique competitive advantages, not only will those trying to copy LIBERO find it hard but we will speed up in the next few weeks to become the no.1 Farming Service and world's highest constant APY project, and more importantly, with high sustainability.

Question 9: It is difficult to understand your project only with the current information. How are you trying to understand and spread your project to non-English speaking countries? Are you preparing for the local community? How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries/regions where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand your project?

With the help from Thoreum, we are able to have 16 active local groups for non-English speaking countries: https://t.me/liberoofficialchannel/110. Each group is very helpful for newcomers in their own language. How can you find a project that has 16 local groups from the beginning? We are very lucky to have that support from Thoreum.
Not only that, we are very aware that LIBERO has a very simple message: Financial Freedom with 158,000+% APY for anyone holding it!, so it can be spread easily to any country, to any users regardless of their level of crypto knowledge. It is one of the advantages that we want to leverage fully.
So LIBERO team is working day & night on making multi-language website & multi-language documents quickly. So the good news is: In a few more days, users from non-English speaking countries will have their own website & dashboard in their languages.
As suggested by Thoreum's marketing team, even the ad campaigns will also be targeted to each local community in local languages. Maybe tomorrow or the day after, if you go to Poocoin, you can see LIBERO's banner ads in your own language. I would like to use this occasion to express my gratitude to Thoreum's marketing team, they are working day & night, may be harder than us, and delivered great performance!
The marketing team is also preparing a contest for both English speaking & non-English speaking users.
So far, we've made Top 5 most viewed Cryptocurrencies World Wide, according to CoinMarketCap, and Libero ads is everywhere on BSCscan, on Poocoin, on Rugfreecoin all over the world: Spain, German, USA, UK, Russia, Arab, Vietnam, etc. To sum up: LIBERO team will try our best to be faster than other competitors in terms of globalization.
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 16:41:48]: So Libero website will be available in multi languages as well. This is a great gesture with the congestion you mentioned. With your Introduction today the trust has gotten more stronger across the communities. Let's hear the questions from the community now.
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 16:42:53]: Thank you Fiore, I think part of this because we have great questions from our loving community!
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 16:43:39]: Awesome & Your welcome. Are you ready for Live Questions Leo
Would like to mention ❤️ After the Live questions
As a gesture of appreciation, we'd be rewarding: 💝$100 to each question picked from Google Form & during live AMA 💝Leo will pick the best question from all the questions asked during AMA; that question will be rewarded $1000
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 16:44:43]: I am ready for live question, thank you

Question from Jeffrey (will never DM you first) in ⚡️Thoreum Official Group⚡️

In question 5, you mention an ideal strategy for profit of all investors. This is however not protected as whales can still sell their complete bag if they want. Can this be an issue or will the LIT always be strong enough to support those sells if needed? Will there be extra barriers in the future to protect the strategy? Example: increased sell tax if selling more than 1 time a day? (Max sell is already limited)

Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 17:08:16]: So our 1st question awesome one
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 17:09:20]: Thank you Jeffery, very hard question but go to the point.
To remind us of the optimal strategy for all investors: hold for the first 14 days, then sell 1% of your bag everyday. You will x2 after 37 days and will have already cashed out 100% of your initial investment after 70 days and still have 350% in your bag.
We will have investors with different strategy, we should respect them all, even a whale dump should be respected, it's the whales' choice
If you follow the AMA, you can see that we designed the LIBERO system with whale's dump in mind
How so?
1st. LIBERO tax mechanism will make use of the whale dumps: we have 20% tax for any sales so a whale dump will fill up our treasury and LIT. These fund will be immediately used for farming multichain with 50%+ APY, so each whale dump will eventually make us stronger.
2nd. The whole LIBERO system is geared to make higher liquidity: We start with a huge liquidity right at the start, with a higher liquidity/marketcap ratio than most of the coins out there on the first day. Not only contribute to the farming fund, of the 13% buy & 20% sell tax, each buy and sell contribute 5% to build up liquidity. So the more volume and time we are in the market, the bigger our liquidity. The bigger our liquidity, the higher price resistant to whale dumps and the more sustainable our system.
3rd. Multichain farming: When you hear a number like 50% a year you may not be initially very impressed. But that 50% a year is in stable coin farming! This means in any market situation, regardless of whether BTC price crashes or skies LIBERO system will insure the value of our farm will continue to rise, our fund after 7 days is $700K, imagine what it will be after a year! It will play an important role to support the price floor, exponentially day by day, month by month, year by year.
4th. We will evolve and continue to innovate: I truly believe that our system can still be improved upon even further, we are already working on a few ideas. We will always be looking around, studying all of the best features of all of the protocol in multi-chain, and bring the best ideas back to LIBERO to make it stronger and more innovative in the future. As you can see we learned from Titano's pros and cons and MCC's multichain farming model, we will continue to do so. We may have LIBERO 2.0, 3.0, but with only one goal in mind: to make financial freedom & profit to our holders as long as we can.

Question from: Kerry Latimer in ⚡️Thoreum Official Group⚡️

Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now, when you look back to the day when you have started this project?

The answer is both Yes and No
For Yes, I am feeling very blessed and lucky that we have come this far in just 7 days. I was inspired by @ZeusThunder0x and started LIBERO as an experiment based on what we studied and thought about, after calculating what could make a project survive and bloom in Defi space: High APY & sustainable tokenomics. After this we calculated many metrics, how can we can provide both high APY & sustainable project? After this we are glad to say in the first 7 days we exceeded all expectations. That's why I am feeling very blessed and satisfied.
For No, I think we are just beginning in this space and still have room to grow up, may be to 100 millions or a billions dollars project, who know? And we will have the joy of exploring and innovating, and we are still small. Why should we be satisfied with just a small step? We will work to the best of our abilities, not just to make money for yourselves but especially to take the opportunity to change many people's life for the better, financially.
I think that's all, thank you
Fiore Jack, [Feb 7, 2022 at 17:38:06]: Thank you very much for this Awesome AMA Leo.
We will be looking forward for your future Interactions in announcements 😀.
Libero Leo, [Feb 7, 2022 at 17:39:16]: wow, thank you Fiore, and especially the THOREUM & LIBERO communities for giving me 3 hours to express myself.