Libero Audit

🗽Libero = Financial Freedom

🟩 Audited by Certik:

Certik Audit - LIBERO.pdf

🟩 Audited by Thoreum Auditing team

🟩 KYC by Thoreum team

🟩 Audited by MarketMove

👉 https://app.marketmove.ai/token/0x0DFCb45EAE071B3b846E220560Bbcdd958414d78/audit

🟩 Audited by RugFreeCoins

🟢 See some highlights about our audit below

Liquidity locked for 1 year on dxLock!

You can check it here:
Why 1 year? We believe that Pancakeswap will update to v.3 in 6 months to 1 year so we can migrate to Pancakeswap v3 with advanced futures such as lower slippage for our holders!

Audit Highlights

Some answers to people who are uncertain about our audit

Our fund is not stored in the contracts but in separate wallets used for multichain farming. Those wallets are listed in the audits and you can check it at anytime. The functions you see above are just used to get stuck tokens when someone mistakenly send it to the LIBERO contract, which is sometimes happen in the crypto world.
The rewards 2.02% a day come from the rebase mechanism which technically mint tokens and distribute to each of the holders of LIBERO based proportionally on their current holding amount, so this function is needed. But our contract is SAFE by not having a minting function directly to any wallet like TITANO, so dev or hacker cannot rug the contract by minting an unlimited amount of token to themself.
Some projects died of whale's intentionally fud and make a bank run situation that draining funds and everybody sells to 0. We have this function to protect our holders from that kind of situation ( rarely happen, but better to safe than sorry) and will only turn sell tax to 65% when that situation happen so people can calm themself down and think carefully before selling. Of course we hope we will never have to use this.