LIBERA BUSD MINER - The World’s First ​​Auto BUSD Miner!

What you do in a bear market will define your success

❔ Keeping non-stablecoin assets? The whole global market keep rolling into deep red
❔ Keeping stable coins? No profit

✅✅✅ Earn 3X of your BUSD deposit with up to 3% BUSD daily! LIBERA BUSD MINER is the smart & stable foundation to grow your money in any market condition.

Join World’s First ​​Auto BUSD Miner! LIBERA BUSD MINER!

  • High Yield BUSD staking with 1095% APR
  • ALWAYS earn 3X times of your total deposit with up to 3% paid daily
  • Utilizing LIBERA-BUSD LP - the only green token growing in the bloodiest market. Your earning is potentially higher than 3% a day because of the LP price appreciation as LIBERA is the world highest burning deflationary token.

Today, we bring to you LIBERA BUSD MINER - #1 Biggest Total Value Locked BUSD Miner across all blockchains

LIBERA BUSD MINER is the world's first auto-compound BUSD daily ROI contract that delivers up to 3% return on investment every day through a smart combination of incentives, taxes and compounding using LIBERA-BUSD LP tokens. We have taken a lot of best practices from Emp money, Drip Garden, Baked Beans... and added our own sustainability mechanism.
LIBERA BUSD MINER is set up to passively reward investors 3X of their deposit with up to 3% BUSD a day. LIBERA BUSD Miner can be considered as a community game. The object of the game is to collectively survive and benefit everyone as long as possible.
Your BUSD will be automatically converted to LIBERA-BUSD LP and deposited into the miner. Because LIBERA is a hyper-deflationary token with a special price appreciation mechanism, the value of LIBERA-BUSD LP tends to be higher in the long run. Utilizing LIBERA-BUSD LP - your earning is potentially higher than 3% a day.
However, when the market price of tokens fluctuates greatly, the staking amount may be lower or higher than the staked amount, which is called Impermanent Loss. But if you intend to stake for a long-term (months) this will not be a problem.
When you deposit, you can deposit using BUSD or BNB and don't have to care about what is LIBERA-BUSD LP. When you are ready to withdraw, you can choose to claim your rewards in BUSD, and the miner will convert LIBERA-BUSD LP to BUSD for you.
The daily percentage return is set up to 3% or 1095% a year, but it can be automatically changed depending on players' actions that are taken within the platform that impact others' efficiency rate. The more users deposit or compound the higher the daily return and the more users claim the lower the daily return.
For more details about impermanent loss please refer to https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/impermanent-loss-explained
When you deposit your BUSD in the LIBERA BUSD MINER, you will receive:
  • Up to 3% daily, APR Up To – 1095%
  • 24 hours compound bonus, up to 35% compound bonus by the 5th compound or a total of 105% for 5 days
  • Daily biggest depositor reward: 0.5% to 1% of Total Locked Value
  • 9.5% max Referral bonus
  • 7% Deposit tax
  • Utilizing LIBERA-BUSD LP for higher earning potential
  • 1% TVL Daily Deposit Prize
  • Dual Rewards in BUSD and Hyper deflationary LIBERA
LIBERA BUSD MINER is the first daily ROI game using LIBERA-BUSD LP tokens to deliver up to 3% return on investment every day through a smart combination of incentives, taxes and compounding. We have taken a lot of best practices from Emp money, Drip Garden, Baked Beans... and added our own sustainability mechanism.
Important Notice: Funds that are used to deposit cannot be withdrawn, however LIBERA BUSD Miners will indefinitely work and grow LIBERA-BUSD LP for you and you can claim your rewards at anytime. Please use the application at your own risk.

Earn Dual Rewards in BUSD and Hyper deflationary LIBERA

BUSD is a real cash that keeps you safe in any market condition
LIBERA is the world's most hyper deflationary token (25% burned every sell), the only green coin in deep red market.
🌟LIBERA BUSD Miner is set up to passively reward holders up to 3% a day or 1095% a year in $BUSD & $LIBERA.
🌟LIBERA BUSD Miner has created the World’s First ​​Auto BUSD Miner that can auto compound your money every 24 hours, and send rewards directly to your wallet every 7 days!
🌟Thanks to Libera being the world's most hyper deflationary token (25% burned every sell), and the stability of BUSD, the value of LIBERA-BUSD LP will steadily increase with time. So as long as you continue to compound, your investment will grow and maximize your payout!

Earn more rewards as a Liberator Bank stakers or Libero holders or Thoreum holders

Earn more rewards as a Liberator Bank stakers or Libero Bank stakers or Thoreum Bank stakers
Users who deposit LIBERA in Libera Bank or LIBERA-BUSD in Liberator Bank and receive xLibera as a certificate, will earn more rewards when you stake in LIBERA BUSD Miner:
- Up to 27.5% compound bonus by the 5th compound and a total of 82.5% for 5 days.
- 3% of every deposit in LIBERA-BUSD LP is rewarded directly to Liberator Bank stakers
Users who deposit: + LIBERO in Libero Bank and receive xLibero as a certificate, will earn more rewards when you stake in LIBERA BUSD Miner. + THOREUM in Thoreum Bank and receive xThoreum as a certificate, will earn more rewards when you stake in LIBERA BUSD Miner.
- Up to 10% compound bonus by the 5th compound and a total of 30% for 5 days.
Players who are xLIBERO, xTHOREUM and xLIBERA holder will earn total extra bonus of these reward systems, up to 35% compound bonus by the 5th compound or a total of 105% for 5 days.
For users who hold both xLibero and xThoreum: the higher compound bonus will be applied + Join our Liberator bank here: https://libera.financial/bank/libera-busd?utm_source=whitepaperLibera
+Join our Thoreum bank (xThoreum) here: https://thoreum.capital/thoreum-bank?utm_source=whitepaperLibera

What makes LIBERA BUSD Miner live longer than other miner platforms?

The LIBERA BUSD Miner is the latest miner game in the industry and we learned from all the best practices out there. Even more, we have added our own enhanced anti-dumping and anti-whale measures in place to ensure the longevity of the project. These measures include: new deposits incentives, compounding incentives, daily biggest depositor prize, maximum deposits limit, maximum withdrawal limit per day, accumulation cart cutoff time, anti whale tax, early withdrawal tax, incremental compound & withdrawal tax, maximum payout, etc.
The LIBERA BUSD Miner will be a true game where all players start out relatively equal and what determines your payout is how often you compound vs. how often you claim them (withdraw). We have implemented many advanced incentives structure for users to continuous deposit & compound in the system:
Compound incentives: To reward Players who compound, there are many varieties of compound bonuses when you compound your daily rewards instead of selling them. This incentivizes the user to compound other than withdraw, which will help boost the miner’s efficiency rate in the long run.
The compound bonus increases every 24 hours and reaches the maximum bonus on the 5th day. On the 6th day, there is no compound bonus. Users should claim on the 7th day. This is the best way for users to gradually take out 300% of their investment while still helping the project live long.
Bonus can reach up to 35% by the 5th compound, or a total of 105% for 5 days. After users claim their rewards, the compound bonus is reset.
Biggest Deposit Prize: 0.5% to 1% of the overall pool will be paid out to the largest SINGLE deposit per 24 hours. Largest deposit winnings will be automatically deposited into your current account. This will be added to your total accumulated number and you can claim/compound it everyday.

New deposits buying power incentives:

0.2% more buying power everyday for new deposits to balance between early and late investors. LIBERA BUSD Miner increases buying power over time and as the balance of the contract grows ensuring that you will always get a fair rate. There is still a benefit to getting in early because the earlier you invest the larger your income in the future and outperform the competition to ROI with others.

Dynamically adjusting new deposit buying power:

The time multiplier is designed to attract new waves of capital after we have reached saturation and the contract growth has slowed, by increasing the buying power of new capital from 0.1% up to 0.5% non compounding every day. This means there will always be a time in the future where it makes sense for fresh capital to come in and kick start new wave miners!
While existing miner games give early investors over 1000% more buying power than players who get in later, allowing them to drain the contract and disincentives new capital from coming in. LIBERA BUSD Miner has many enhanced mechanisms to balance between new and existing players to make sure the contract is always attractive for new investors and discourage old investors to just drain the contract by continuous withdrawal. They are:
  • The 24 hours accumulation cutoff time is the amount of time it will take for your "accumulation cart" to be full of rewards. Once the cart is full, it will stop filling until you've taken some action in the game. This is to prevent whales from letting their rewards accumulate for a long time, and removes the false impression the contract value is going up when most of it is rewards the whale is waiting to withdraw at once.
  • Zero Activity cutoff time Every 26 hours without being claimed or compounded, the pending reward will be rolled back into the contract pool and restart from 0. This will encourage users to interact with the project and participate in future incentive programs.
  • Incremental compound & withdrawal tax: The compound and withdrawal tax system will increase depends on the ratio between your withdrawal and your deposit. The higher the ratio the higher the tax. This mechanism brings in the balance between new users and already profited users to make sure that users continue to participate healthy (i.e still compounding and depositing) not just withdraw and drain the contract.
  • Maximum Earnings: Users can only earn a maximum of 300% of their initial deposit from this system, including referral rewards. For example if Susan deposits 100 tokens, she will be entitled to earn a total of 300 tokens (calculated as 100 * 3) over the lifetime of her contract. Should she reach the cap or want to earn more, she will need to deposit more tokens to participate in the pool. This total also includes referral bonuses, so if you do not deposit any tokens into the pool, you will not be eligible for referral rewards as a promoter. Lastly, only after-tax token claims count towards your total earning, so even if you are subject to the whale tax, you can still claim the maximum of 300% deposit over the lifetime of your deposit, it will just take longer to reach the cap.
  • Early withdrawal tax: For the longevity of the contract, you should compound for 6 days and claim on day 7, and repeat it. Or you can withdraw early and pay extra 70% early withdrawal tax. This tax is to discourage players from draining the contract too soon.
  • Whale Tax: <1% = no tax; 1% = 5 percent each withdrawal ; 2% = 10; 3% = 15; 4% = 20; 5% = 25; 6% = 30; 7% = 35; 8% = 40; 9% = 45; 10% = 50. These percentages are calculated on your total ownership of the pool. For example if the contract balance is 1,000,000 LP you will be taxed as a whale if you deposit more than 10,000 LP.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit per day: Again, to prevent whales from continuing to drain the contract, which causes the death of many other projects, the maximum withdrawal limit of each user is set to 2,000 LP a day, so whales can only withdraw a maximum 102,000 LP a year (51 weeks) without paying early withdrawal tax. If they want more they have to withdraw earlier than 1 week and be subject to early withdrawal tax.
  • Maximum deposits: Maximum deposits is set to 20,000 LP so a whale can only earn a net maximum 40,000 LP from the project. Which is already a big number.
Read more: LIBERA BUSD Miner - FAQ here