Libera Bank


1/ Higher BUSD rewards by combining both DEXes & CEXes trading volume
In Libero Bank, you can lock Libero to xLibero and earn 4K% APY Libero & 440% APR of BUSD rewards from Libero decentralized exchanges trading volume. While xLibero already has the highest BUSD APR rewards on the whole Defi world, Libera makes it even higher by listing on CEXs and rewards the CEXs trading volume to xLibera holders.
2/ Flexible Locking Durations
Unlike xLibero where each user has only 1 lock duration for their entire bag, in Libera Bank users can divide their bag into many parts and stake Libera for different durations such as 1 month, 3 months, 12 months, etc. Same as Libero Bank, the investors who staking in short term will receive less xLIBERA while users who choose to lock their staked tokens in 90-day increments will receive higher amount in Libero & BUSD APY.
3/ Accelerated LP Staking
In Libero Bank users can only lock Libero in exchange for xLibero, in Libera Bank users can also lock Libera LP such as Libera-BNB, Libera-BUSD, Libera-Libero to receive accelerated xLibera amount (to encourage users to lock their LP and increase protocol's sustainability).
For example if you lock 1 Libera for 1 month you only receive 1xLibera, but if you pair 1 Libera with BUSD and and lock your Libera-BUSD LP for 1 month you receive 6 xLibera. Because the Libera Bank rewards user based on the amount of xLibera they hold, so it means you get 3x higher APR with the same value you lock.
Last modified 1yr ago