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Libera Angels NFT

2023 Global Highest Passive Income NFT in true money
Libera Angels NFT go far beyond just passive income. They’re a celebration of everything our Liberators have achieved together & a representation of the spirit that has pushed us forward.
Build a position in one of the most trusted and highly respected projects in DeFi, and earn LIBERA-BUSD LP daily.
Just sit back and let your Libera Angels NFT stack up your rewards. Claim your accumulated rewards daily, or as often as you like!


  • A No-capital-locked Community Bank with the best yields 1.5%* daily in dollars for everyone.
  • Claim your earnings daily.
  • Backed by $900K + + USD Treasury.
  • Earn ~$140 monthly from a Libera Angels NFT worth ~$317
  • Even if you list your NFT on any NFT marketplace, your NFT is still counted in your wallet, you continue to gain your passive income 1.5%* BUSD daily until it’s bought, and transferred to another wallet.
  • Instantly triple your investment value through access to Win-It-Now in Libera BUSD Miner.
  • Get a high yielding investment in LIBERA BUSD MINER while at the same time accumulating BUSD.
  • Pure passive income investment - all the investing strategy is done for you, and all you need to do is claim at your convenience.
  • Maximize your investment growth with up to 250 lottery tickets (for the investment pool) in Libera BUSD Miner every day - All lottery prizes added to the Libera Angels NFT investment pool.
  • Libera Angels NFT investment Libera BUSD Miner pool share will grow aggressively through the 6/1 auto strategy, thus increasing the potential for higher yields when claiming.
  • 100% auto compound.
  • Benefit from no whale tax on Libera BUSD Miner claims due to multiple holders, and the additional benefits provided to the LIBERA ecosystem.
  • Invest in the Libera BUSD Miner without having to claim or compound every day.
  • Option to sell your highly coveted NFT on a secondary marketplace.
(*This is expected yields because the daily reward can be automatically changed depending on players' actions. The more users deposit the higher the daily return and the more users claim the lower the daily return.)


  • Total Supply: 5000
  • Mint Start Time: February 8th 2pm UTC
  • Maximum NFTs Purchased Per Wallet: No Maximum
  • How Are NFTs Distributed: Randomly Distributed
  • Where Do You Buy Libera Angels NFTs: https://libera.financial/angels
  • Libera Angels NFTs Pay Out Yields In: LIBERA-BUSD LP
  • How Often Do They Pay Out: Daily
  • Pay out start: February 15th 2pm UTC
  • Refer your friends to get 3% of their minting amount, added to your Libera BUSD Miner account

⚡️Smart Safety Mechanism to increase the longevity of Libera Angels NFT

This is a smart auto-activated brake that slows down APR when the contract computes and foresees that whales may drain the TVL in days. If the contract find-out this risk, it will gradually reduce the APR of the already in-profit investors and this mechanism will increase the time needed for TVL draining. So no whale can drain the system and a TVL crash event like mentioned above is not likely to happen.

Smart Safety Mechanism in details:

- For investors who have not reached 110% ROI: continue earning 1.5%* BUSD cash daily, and quickly turning profit. This earning rate is now higher than already-profit users’ earning rate.
(*This is expected yields because the daily reward can be automatically changed depending on players' actions. The more users deposit the higher the daily return and the more users claim the lower the daily return.)
- For whales and already profited investors: From 110% ROI point, they have already made good profit, and can still continue to earn 50-100% BUSD APR in cash every day, right in the middle of this bear market where BUSD APR is less than 7% in most staking sites.
- Attracting new investors: this mechanism brings more opportunity for new investors to join the system and apply their best strategy to earn, because the TVL will keep on growing, which in turn is beneficial for everyone, and extend the earning time frame further.
So Libera Angels NFT's New Smart Mechanism is beneficial for the whole system since money will keep on coming in, everyone has a fair chance to earn, and enough time to choose their optimal strategy to win.

Libera Angels NFT Phase 2

Phase 1 of the Libera Angels NFTs has ended successfully. All 1333 NFTs SOLD OUT🚀
🚀Daily passive income: ~1% in LIBERA-BUSD (1 LIBERA-BUSD ~ 1 USD)
✨Mint Price: 330 LIBERA-BUSD LP (~$348)
👑Phase 2 Supply: 266 NFTs
Here are 5 reasons why Libera Angels NFT is exclusive
1. Earn ~1% daily income in USD just by holding NFT in your wallet, No staking needed!
2. You can get a full initial deposit refund (except deposit fee) ANYTIME you want in the first 30 days!
3. Claim your cash daily.
4. Tradable on any NFT Marketplace at any time, No capital locked!
5. Backed by 1 Million USD TVL of Libera BUSD Miner.
Get your NFTs now - the price will be 10% higher next phase

Frequently asked questions

How are the yields generated?

The Libera Angels NFTs funds raised are invested into the Libera BUSD Miner Contract via the Win-It-Now Prize to 3x the Deposited Amount. Through a 6/1 claim strategy, Libera Angels NFT holders yield through lucrative Libera BUSD Miner claims. Yields are distributed to Libera Angels NFT holders in the form of LIBERA-BUSD LP.

How are the Libera Angels NFTs Distributed?

The Libera Angels NFTs are randomly distributed.

What does this Libera Angels NFT pay out in?

Yields are distributed to Libera Angels NFT holders in the form of LIBERA-BUSD LP.

How often can I claim?

Yields can be claimed daily.

How do I claim my rewards?

There will be a LIBERA BUSD MINER Angels tab/page on our website. Simply visit the page, approve the contract, and click claim. Approve the transaction, and the rewards will arrive in your wallet.
Make sure you have the LIBERA-BUSD LP contract address added into your wallet, or you can visit your Account page (https://libera.financial/account) to see the number of LPs in your wallet.

What happens if the Libera Angels NFT Investment Pool Wins the Lottery?

The Libera Angles NFT investment pool gets up to 250 lottery tickets per day. Should the investment pool win the lottery, the lottery prizes will be added to the deposit of the NFT investment pool wallet(s).

Do I need to have a Miner Position in order to get a LIBERA Angels NFT?

No, the Libera Angles NFT will act on its own completely passively. The Libera Angles NFT investment pool will hold its own Miner position, and do all of the investing for you. You can sit back, and all you need to do is accumulate and claim at your convenience.

Do I need to compound or claim by a certain time of the day?

No, these Libera Angles NFTs were created as a great way for you to get involved with Libera BUSD Miner in a more passive way, where there’s no need to compound or claim before rollover time. You can at whatever time is most convenient for you.

Will my NFT's earnings be capped at 300% of the initial minting fee?

No, your NFTs continue to earn as long as the contract balance is > 0.