AMA: Libero expansion

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:19:39]: Hello Fiore, Hi everyone, I am excited to be here today to talk about our new LIBERO expansion.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:20:23]: Hello everyone and welcome to the AMA with Libero Financial ! Today we have @lionheart1979 The lead Dev of Libero joining us to talk about their exciting new project. Great to have you here again Leo.
Let's start the AMA 😀 with a small introduction and then we'll proceed with questions.
Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:24:46]: Sure, I am Libero Leo, lead developer of LIBERO. I am excited to be here today with the awesome Thoreum community to talk about our new expansion: fLIBERO on Fantom Network.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:25:59]: Great, that's what we all were waiting for so without further delay I would proceed to the 1st question 😀.

Q1. Is $fLibero bridging $Libero from the BNB Chain to Fantom? Or is it a new & independent token?

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:29:38]: I think this First question will clarify for many current LIBERO holders. fLIBERO is NOT a bridged token from the BSC to Fantom network, we are instead creating a new token that has the same mechanism as the LIBERO token on Fantom. This new token fLIBERO will have all the exciting new innovations which have made LIBERO successful.
However Fantom is a different network with different user's behavior, so fLIBERO will have a life of its own, and how fLibero thrives there, will depend on the dynamic of supply and demand of that network alone.
The decision for not bridging, but instead, creating a new token with a new life of its own, comes from our thorough research and from internal debate with our team and user base. Here are the 2 keys reasons why not simply bridging to the new network but instead launching a new token is best for both LIBERO and fLIBERO long term:
1/ When a token is bridged to a new network, there is a disadvantage for users purchasing on the new network, as the token on the newer network will be much weaker than the token on the original network. This is due to people inevitably migrating back to the larger network by selling their assets to chase the larger rewards on the old network. The rewards will always be higher on the old network as the original network will always have a larger volume so the rewards are also larger. As the rewards are higher and the volume higher the price of the token is more stable and the liquidity is much larger allowing easier trades and greater benefits to users.
2/ For rebase tokens such as LIBERO a large amount of liquidity is essential. By rewarding clients with as high as 2% per day the potential for users to dump their assets and cash out is huge, to mitigate such risk a large amount of liquidity is required. To attempt such tokenomics without a large liquidity backing the project, could result in the value of the token going to 0 if large numbers of users were to dump their entire bags in an instant.
With larger liquidity, prices remain stable and even after large selloffs the price of the token stabilizes much quicker, giving holders the confidence to hold much longer.
There are already many examples with LIBERO where we can see the liquidity protecting us from users selling. For example yesterday we had a 2 millions USD dump but the price of the token only moved about 15%, and in the past we can see $500K or $1M dumps a day but the price of the token returns back to normal very quickly, thanks to our sizable liquidity.
So with a large liquidity, and even with high rewards and large cash out’s we can still sustain the price, due to the liquidity growing after a dump, thanks to our liquidity building mechanism established from the 10% tax from each buy&sell.
From this you can see why we chose to presale a new coin, because the success of the coin depends on liquidity. If we choose to bridge our project and want the token to be successful, you would have to take millions of dollars from LIBERO's treasury to create liquidity in the new project and in our eyes each project should stand alone. For example, LIBERO at the beginning had 1.6 million USD liquidity and this made it successful, if we only have a few hundred thousand dollars, it is not possible to create large volume and be successful like LIBERO is.
If we remove 1-2 million dollars from Libero to create Liquidity for fLIBERO, it will remove a large amount of the buy back fund of Libero. Less treasury means less buyback and less insurance and destabilizes the current LIBERO system and also less farming profit for xLIBERO holders. That is the main reason we decided to make a new token, raise funds from presale to create a large liquidity from the beginning. This new liquidity will equal millions of dollars which will create large volume, and will have immediate and long term success, like LIBERO on the BNB Chain.
From our research, when the liquidity on Fantom and Ethereum is large, profit-takers do not affect the price as much. So others will feel the coin is solid, the price is stable, and will trust the system. When there is trust, the system will have more holders, there will be more money flowing into the system. That's what happened in the BNBChain and we want to do the same on Fantom & Ethereum. We hope fLIBERO will create the same level of liquidity as Libero on Fantom and will be just as successful.
So to sum it up: FLIBERO is not a bridge of LIBERO from BNBChain to another network, but we create a new coin that has the same mechanism and innovations. We will have a presale to build a large liquidity from the start to make sure the new token will be sustainable like Libero. The new token will have a life of its own.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:53:00]: For sure it's understandable that rebase token like Libero needs huge liquidity. And why you choose to go with presale instead of bridging.

Q2. Will the expansion to Fantom and ETH benefit the current Binance Chain holders?

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 08:56:33]: Of course we built fLIBERO and other expansions with the benefit of LIBERO in mind.
LIBERO on BSC is our home, our proven success on the BNBChain with 1.5 months robust growth and unlimited potential with no signs of slowing down any time soon. In exchange for this we will make Libero holders enjoy benefits from all the expansion to other block chains. Here are some examples of how users on bsc will benefit from fLIBERO.
Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 09:00:47]:
1. Millions of USD will be added to LIBERO Treasury from other chain's successes: Because Libero Treasury will own 5-10% of the new project presale price, resulting in Libero Treasury always being bigger after each expansion. We estimated that even if we have only 1/10 the success on Fantom compared to BNB Chain, the LIBERO treasury will grow around 1 millions USD.
Bigger treasury will lead to more stable and solid growth of LIBERO on BNBChain, bigger buybacks and more farming profit to divide amongst Libero holders
So holders of LIBERO will get the benefit, both short term, in the form of BUSD dividend among xLIBERO Bank holders, and long term as the LIBERO treasury will have millions of USD more for buyback & supporting the price on BNBChain.
As you know, Libero DAO had a fierce voting session a few days ago. It was decided that 10% of the farming profit would be divided between xLIBERO holders. As the Libero treasury grows exponentially, the farming profits will increase exponentially, and there will be more money to xLIBERO holders.
2. Increasing brand awareness of Libero to millions of users on other chains: You can see we named the new token fLIBERO, not a totally unrelated name. Why? Fantom has millions of users and the new token will Increase LIBERO's brand awareness to millions more users after this new expansion. LIBERO will become a known and trusted brand. More people will know & talk about Libero, the branding effect will bring more customers to the original LIBERO.
So I think this will strengthen the market position of LIBERO, having more advantages compared to our competitors and together with the larger LIBERO brand awareness, will have more money flowing to LIBERO on the BNBChain both short term and long term.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 09:14:16]: That's interesting so Bsc Libero will be getting large sums into its treasury from New expansions

Q3. How will the new token: fLibero benefit from Libero?

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 09:18:06]: As you know, LIBERO’s campaign in New York Times Square has been very successful. Many people on other chains already know about Libero but have not had the opportunity to access it. This is an opportunity for them to join the ecosystem.
Because of our intense marketing effort, the LIBERO brand is already quite well know and trusted in Defi space, fLibero will reap the full benefit of the brand awareness already built up, giving it the strongest possible legacy with which to draw from in the beginning, unlike when we first launch LIBERO there are many users causing fud & doubts. So that is one of the great benefits for fLIBERO or any other Libero in other block chains in the future.
The second benefit, for fLIBERO is that, not only does LIBERO own 5-10% of its total supply of fLIBERO, but fLIBERO will own 1-2% total supply of LIBERO in exchange. So as LIBERO grows, the new tokens will have a larger, more stable treasury, a larger buyback fund, and a larger reward fund for those locked in the bank of the new chains, thanks to LIBERO.
So each growth of LIBERO on BNBChain will help the treasury of a new token on other chains grow, creating more sustainability for the new token. We can say ‘The growth of any token on any chain will help the whole LIBERO ecosystem to be more robust and sustainable.’

Q4. Libero's has been very successful, and I believe fLibero will grow step by step similarly. Can you explain what you have done and the growth path of Libero so far so I can have an overview of fLibero's future?

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 09:36:53]: Yes, not only will fLIBERO have the same level of coding & functions, we will have the same level of marketing for fLIBERO.
We have a marketing team that is very professional and dedicated to excellence. Our marketing team never rests! We are working hard day & night to make Libero viral everywhere! We believe viral marketing is one of the most useful and most notorious superpowers with its ability to spread ideas with unprecedented speed and scope. The exclamation “Let’s make this go viral!” has become the slogan of marketing directors everywhere. That's why Libero always focuses on cracking the code for viral marketing and we are witnessing exploding growth day by day. Up to now in just 50 days since launch, we have achieved 🚀
🔸$120 Millions MarketCap, from $5 Millions MarketCap at presale.
🔸 81K+ Holders
🔸x10.5 presale price, and token amount increased 2.7 times from presale. Which means presale holders have increased their investments 28.4 times! Libero truly brings financial freedom to many holders. I believe that some holders have become dollar millionaires!
🔸 $17.2 Million USD burned (12.35% total supply)
🔸 $6.2 Million USD total treasury
🔸LIBERO BANK Over 1.7 Billion Libero staked, worth $18.6 Million USD, for 3.5 years on average. That shows the super high confidence and trust of our holders on LIBERO. Total Passive income ($LIBERO + $BUSD) rewards surpassed $3.3 Million USD, of which $903K is in BUSD. With the 200% APR reward in BUSD, the highest stable coin APR on the whole Defi market, our LIBERO Bank Users don't even need to sell their token and still benefit greatly from our innovative Libero Bank feature. This is achieved in just 18 days, and expanding fast everyday
🔸Certik audit certificate: LIBERO officially become the pioneer in safety measure, we are the first and only of all fixed APY projects Audited by Certik, and on Top 10 BSC Projects by CertiK Security Score
🔸Top 1 trending last 7 days on Coinmarketcap - The largest coin tracker website in the world
🔸Top 1 Trending for 8 days straights on Dextools - The most used app for all the decentralized markets information
🔸Top 2 Trending on Bogged Finance - One of the leading Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) on all blockchains
🔸Top 1 Farming-as-a-service #FaaS projects by volume across all blockchains
🔸TOP 1 by Holder Growth all blockchains by dapp.com
🔸Top 1 BSC Project with highest social signal
🔸Top Gainers of the week all blockchains +101% Marketing on-going
🔸Grand Global Marketing:
  • Billboard ad on the Times Tower - Times Square NYC, the icon of New York, where the New Year countdown performed, on the same billboard where Doge advertised too.
  • 1 week Billboard at 1540 Broadway, Times Square and SpaceX from Mar 13 to Mar 19
🔸5 tiered referral programs: you invite friends and earn up to 10% commission in BUSD + 10% commission in LIBERO with 5 Referral Bonus Levels. We continue to reward top 3 promoters who have the highest total referral rewards with a total prize pool of $3,000 USD.
🔸Regular Grand Airdrop $100,000 BUSD for Libero Bank Stakers
🔸 Libero ads is everywhere on BSCscan, Poocoin, Bogged, CoinsBreak, RugFreeCoins, DappRadar… in all over the world: Spain, German, USA, UK, Russia, Arab, Vietnam…
🔸 Featured by BSCnews, BSCArmy, Dapp Center, BSCDaily, BNB Swap BSC, Crypto Bull Tony, Zach Boychuk, ProfessorAstrones
🔸 Tweeted by 25 celebs, influencers & reviewed by 120 Youtubers worldwide as x100GEMS, the Highest Fixed APY with Multi-chain farming to support token price
🔸 EXCLUSIVE deal with Btok signed to show CONVERSATION PAGE ADS in 1 week!
🔸In partnership with Babyswap and Knightswap to open more mining pools, Expand Community and Brand awareness, support each other in the cross-marketing efforts.
Upcoming plans
🔸Libero Smart Bond - The first ever Defi 3.0 bonding mechanism in Defi world that use open market buys to fuel price action and bonds to help treasury keep up. This brings benefits to both users by discounted price and the sustainability of the protocol by increasing the protocol's market cap, treasury & liquidity.
🔸fLibero - the expansion of Libero Financial (BNBChain) on Fantom Network.
🔸eLibero - the expansion of Libero Financial (BNBChain) on Ethereum Network.
🔸Planning: $LIBERO anonymous virtual crypto card which allows you to trade any goods/services in real life
🔸In Discussion with Safemoon to cooperate with their exchange & wallet 🔸 Billboard at Dubai and London
And more huge global marketing campaigns coming to support our aggressive growth expansion plans!
We will put the same level of marketing effort on fLIBERO, and we will see how far it will go
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 09:51:01]: That's some awesome stuff in plans out there. 😍
You will put the same level of Marketing effort in Flibero. That's great to hear but the community wants to know…

Q5. Why did you choose Fantom? Any plans to extend the project (farming and/or token) to the Cosmos Ecosystem?

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:01:47]: Fantom has about 50% of the TVL of BNBChain and due to some drama recently its TVL has fallen about 40%. But thanks to the Fantom strong fundamentals, this is the place where the lastest, most innovative Defi 3.0 projects have been developed and built on. I believe that FTM is the network that will catch the future Defi trend, with more cash flowing in and will have a strong rebound.
So if we come on Fantom right now and the FTM price comes back to normal, it will result in a 60% price increase for fLIBERO only from the growth of the FTM token price. Adding with the price surge that we see LIBERO has done in the past, FTM will make an immediate success for fLIBERO price-wise in the short term. As well as it's the home of new Defi projects, we will have a strong cash flow in fLIBERO in the long term.
As you know, with many innovative features like Bank, SmartBond, etc. LIBERO is not a FOMO animal token but really a Defi 3.0 play that makes us more sustainable and a long term token to own. This is very fit with the Defi nature of Fantom Network users, that's one of the reasons we think moving to Fantom first is a good strategy to capture its potential growth.
LIBERO has a strong team of multichain-farming experts. It's one of the key advantages of Libero in multichan-expansion, why?
Because our team is watching and monitoring most of the chains and understand deeply their dynamics, their new trends and know where the cash is flowing in and out
We also know thoroughly about the competitors, the competition landscape, the behavior of users on each chain,
All of this information is very precious to make strategic decisions of when and how to move to a new chain, and how to market on a different chain other than on BNBChain. That depth of information is based on our multichain expertise, which our competitors don't have.
So after Fantom and Ethereum, we have 13 other potential chains to expand to, and we already know which chains best fit LIBERO. We will announce the next one in April.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:23:42]: Awesome Leo those are some quick updates we're getting from Team considering its only been 50 days so far

Q6. Libero develops very quickly and innovatively, between fixed APY projects like Titano, Fino, etc. Libero is the first and only project that is audited by Certik, the first project that has a 1 week New York Times Square billboard, the first project to expand to other networks. But I think in the near future, other projects will imitate Libero's step and expand to other chains too. What will make Libero different and successful compared to other competitors when they move to Fantom?

Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:30:02]: You can see that other projects are quite far behind LIBERO, even if they want to catch up we will have new features and always be a few steps ahead of them. I think they are of no concern to us, for us our biggest competitors are ourself.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:31:36]: Can guess that with this speed of features 🚀🚀
Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:33:07 (Mar 21, 2022 at 10:33:54)]: When any projects move to Fantom, it's not as easy as BNBChain, because the users on Fantom are used to playing with most innovative Defi projects and are very smart. You can see they have 2 failed Titano-fork, fixed APY projects. So a project needs to be very innovative to succeed there and we are not a fork of Titano, fLibero is a project with fixed APY AND with many other Defi 3.0 mechanisms:
  1. 1.
    fLibero Bank offers the highest stable coin APR - 226% USDC which comes from trading volume: 2% each buy & 5% each sell. When you stake your $fLibero in fLibero Bank, your passive income in USDC keeps increasing every 30 mins with trading volume, so you keep on earning regardless of the price going up or down, and regardless of whether the market is bearish or bullish! Meanwhile, your $fLibero is also auto staked in the bank with 4,659.17% APY, and you will take back the full staked amount after just 66 days!
  2. 2.
    Defi 3.0 Multichain farming is the core component to sustain the high APY rewards. We use the buy&sell tax to create the Treasury. However unlike other projects, where the funds are just sitting there doing nothing, we have farming experts and the fund is bridged to other blockchains to farm at the highest APY farms and the profit is returned to the Treasury for buyback fLibero. With Defi 3.0 multi chain farming features, the treasury will grow 50-100% every year so the buyback fund will be much larger than other competitors and with a better support price as well as we will be rewarding long-time holders of xLIBERO in Libero Bank.
  3. 3.
    Automatic Hyper Burn program, every week, 1 to 4% of the total supply will be burned. So fLibero's total supply will constantly be deflating against your balance, while your balance is constantly increasing against fLibero's total supply. This built-in mechanism creates a true supply/demand metric to the fLibero token as it becomes ever scarcer against your balance with time, making sure that your holding value only increases with the market cap of fLibero.
  4. 4.
    fLibero Smart Bond is the first ever Defi 3.0 bonding mechanism in Defi world that uses open market buys which fuel price action and bonds to help treasury keep up with demand. This brings benefits to both users by discounted price and the sustainability of protocol by increasing the protocol treasury & liquidity.
This mechanism has been developed in just 50 days, and so far none of our competitors have even been able to copy our mechanisms! With the current speed of development we will introduce new features soon to make fLibero ever more attractive, these innovations will put us even further ahead and make it impossible for our competitors to keep up with.
So I am confident that fLibero will provide a new and attractive experience for the Defi users in Fantom.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:47:43]: I am confident too personally I am waiting for bonds i've seen projects at eth gathering 100's of Million liquidity from bonds. It will be a great asset for Libero
This all brings up to the last question
Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:48:15]: Sure, thank you
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:48:18]:


  1. 1.
    If fLibero will start at a price equal to Libero on Fantom, then will it have the same market cap and liquidity too?
  2. 2.
    Since tokenomics on fantom gives usdc and on bsc is busd, then will their price be independent of each other?
Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:48:33]:
1. Price
The starting price of flibero will be about the same as Libero: we will set the same price for fLibero at the beginning of the presale. During the 3 days of presale, the price of Libero may change and then they may be different when we launch fLibero 3 days later.
The idea here is that if you just sell your Libero on BNBChain and join the presale on Fantom, you will immediately lose 25% tax and may not profit if the fLibero token does not grow exponentially.
2. Liquidity & Market Cap
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:52:42]: Yeah, it's better to stay in the system and enjoy benefits. Fresh cash would be encouraged
Libero Leo 🗽🗽🗽, [Mar 21, 2022 at 10:54:00]: Liquidity of fLibero depends on the amount of presale funds actually raised, the more funds we raise from presale, the higher the liquidity and market cap. Our strategy for fLibero is, to once again, not make a pump & dump token, but to make a sustainable one, so for us a large liquidity is the most important task for the presale.
Many tokens want a quick success and usually have a low liquidity, but for fLibero the higher the liquidity the better, so I cannot answer you now regarding the exact scale of liquidity & market cap, but we intend to attract as much presale funds as possible to create as large a liquidity as possible, the negative impact of this is that fLibero price may not pump much at start, which we also see as a positive as it will encourage users to watch their rewards from the 2% daily rather than using the price of the token to determine their sales..
I would like to reemphasize that fLibero will have a life of its own, in a different environment and reacting to different user's habits and behaviors. From the point of view of the devs, we prefer to create a long term sustainability project rather than a project which pumps quickly and then dumps quickly, even if the result of this is that the price of the token will grow more gradually.
So after launch, I guess that the price pattern of fLibero & Libero will be different. How different it is depends on the supply & demand dynamic of the Fantom network, which we have no control over. But I think because fLibero will inherit all of the innovative features of Libero, eventually holders will see it can truly bring financial success to them and the viral nature of the token will begin to spread like it did with Libero, it may be slower because Fantom Network is now 40% smaller than BNBChain, but finally many holders will be attracted to fLibero and we will have another success on Fantom network.
Which will bring a greater benefit to the whole LIBERO ecosystem. Let's wait and see.
Fiore Jack, [Mar 21, 2022 at 11:06:22]: Thank you for the details and yes indeed this will be a great exposure for Libero ecosystem