LIBERA - the world's first fixed APY token becomes Hyper Deflationary 🔥

The next Break Through in Defi space by Libero Financial - an innovation enabling the 4,037.20% Fixed APY token to be Hyper Deflationary

Libera - The world's first Triple passive income & Hyper Deflationary token coming to Centralized Exchanges (CEXes)

+4,037.20% Fixed APY Auto-Staking
$Libero is auto-compounding inside your LIBERA token at the rate of 1.02% a day or 4,037.20% a year. Unwrap from Libera to Libero at any time
+Highest 520% BUSD APR From DEX Trading Volume
Stake in LIBERA Bank to get BUSD passive income from 5% trading volume. The APR is based on current APR of Libero Bank data
+Never Seen Before: Income From CEX Trading Volume
LIBERA is the first ever rebase token that canbe listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and get passive income from 8% of trading volume in LIBERA (excluding Automated Market Maker volume).

🔥Why do we need LIBERA?

For getting listed on CEX (centralized exchange) and joining yield farming protocols . Once you have LIBERO in your wallet, rebases happen every 30 minutes, and your LIBERO amount will increase a 1.02% a day. You can't bring it on a Centralized Exchange like Binance because once you deposit on CEX, the amount of your token stops increasing. And the CEX cannot handle the rebase every 30 minutes for you.
You also can’t stake it in yield farming protocols because of the automated rebases. The amount of tokens when you withdraw is larger than the amount you staked because of rebases, and that’s something that no farm currently supports. That led to most farming protocols not providing pools for rebase tokens.

🔥How LIBERA can be listed on CEX and participate in yield farming protocols?

We will solve this problem by wrapping LIBERO in a new token called Libera (wLIBERO). With our breakthrough technology, your Libero can still grow 1.02% a day or 4,037.20% a year inside wLIBERO. You can wrap LIBERO into wLIBERO and bring wLIBERO on any farms or transfer to any Centralized exchange. While the amount of wLIBERO stays the same, the number of LIBERO inside it continues to grow. And at any time you can get all the original LIBERO plus the rewarded LIBERO from rebases by unwrapping wLIBERO.
With wLIBERO we can bring LIBERO on any CEX like Gate.io, Binance, etc. where millions of new holders can get their hands on our tokens. We will form partnerships with a number of big CEXs and we will see LIBERO grow exponentially in terms of brand and holders.
This will be the next leap forward of Libero and we will see it in action in April.

5 features that make LIBERA a game changer in the fixed APY projects:

1/ A reduction of tax: Buy Fee: 10% Sell Fee: 20%.
Unlike other fixed APY projects with a buy fee usually ranging from 13% to 16%. LIBERA buy fee is only 10%. This will encourage users to buy and make bigger volumes and also bring higher buy pressure for LIBERA than other fixed APY projects.
2/ Hourly Biggest Buyer Auto BNB rewards:
Every hour forever, we take 1 percentage of trading fees and reward the biggest buyer during that hour, which automatically sends BNB into their wallet at the end of every hour. This will encourage buyers to compete to make a big buy every hour to have a big reward of the hour, this is both a fun and rewarding game to our buyers.
3/ Automatic LP Nuking:
For every sell, 25% percentage of the sell will be burned to dead address from the LP. This is a new mechanism that will Lift the price floor with each sell through liquidity pair adjustments in favor of the LIBERA holders.
This mechanism is never seen before and will be a game changer in making the price stability, let's wait and see it in action
4/ Circuit breaker mechanism to prevent panic sell
An advanced circuit breaker is implemented in the LIBERA contract: If price is reduced 1% in 1 hour, the sell tax will be set to 25% automatically in the next hour. This will prevent panic sell and bring people time to consider their panic decision.
5/ Ultimate Gamification
A lottery game to be implemented soon to both add to your LIBERA bag and reduce your sell tax from 20% to 10% in your next sell if you win. More gaming and degen mechanics coming soon!
With these new 5 mechanisms in LIBERA, we think that for LIBERA, unlike other high fixed APY token, will have buy pressure will be greatly increased and the sell pressure will be greatly reduced. Combined with LIBERA being a deflationary token itself (unlike other fixed APY inflationary token like Titano or Safuu), with an aggressive burning mechanism that makes LIBERA become rarer over time, the supply shock will soon be achieved. Plus the CEXes listing and we will see LIBERA prices surges soon.


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