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LIBERA - The world's first Multichain High APR Farming Token with a Hyper Deflationary Mechanism🔥

Libera officially goes multichain and becomes high APR farming token with 1% burn every transaction.

🔥Why choose LIBERA?

Very limited supply Hyper Burning Rate

Unlike other rebase tokens which are inflationary and have unlimited supply, LIBERA has a limited supply of 50 millions tokens, of which 18% will be burned at launch, and 100,000 tokens will be burned every biweek.
Libera is also an aggressive burning token, with 1% burned on each transaction.
Thanks to its limited supply & hyper deflationary nature, the more user's trading/transferring the more tokens will be burned.

Earn 1% Passive Income Of every LIBERA transaction

Just by holding LIBERA, every time someone sells LIBERA, 1% of their transfer will be automatically sent to you, your token growing continuously in your wallet!
With LIBERA’s active multi chain strategy, more and more tokens will be transferred, so the longer time you hold, the bigger bag you will earn.

Aggressive multi-chains strategy to create multiple flywheels

Libera will incentivize liquidity on multiple chains to turns Libera a high APR store of value token with hyper deflationary.
As more people buy, bridge, arbitrage and LP, more supply is burned. Imagine a supply shock is coming, sooner than you think!

Earn big by auto-compounding your tokens in Libera Vaults

Libera Vaults automatically maximizes the user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs).
So all you need is a single click to zap you $LIBERA into LPs and deposit into vaults to earn highest APY rewards.
Farming with no lock-ups, 0 deposit & withdrawal fee!

5 features that make LIBERA a game changer:

1/ A reduction of tax: Buy Fee: 1% Sell Fee: 10%.
Unlike other projects with a buy fee usually ranging from 13% to 16%. LIBERA buy fee is only 1%. This will encourage users to buy and make bigger volumes and also bring higher buy pressure for LIBERA than other projects.
We are excited to announce that we are expanding smoothly to multichain to better serve our users. As part of this expansion, we understand that some users may not be familiar with transfer tax tokens. Therefore, we have reduced the Libera sell and transfer tax from 20% to 10%, and now from 10% to 5% on some chains; Libera buy tax is only 1%.
The current Libera tax rate:
📍The Libera fees on Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum & Zksync will be as follows:
Buy: 1% (burn 1%, holders 0%, liquidity 0%)
Sell: 5% (burn 1%, holders 1%, liquidity 3%)
Transfer: 0%
📍The Libera fees on BNB chain will be as follows:
Buy: 1% (burn 1%, bank stakers 0%, liquidity 0%)
Sell: 10% (burn 1%, bank stakers 5%, liquidity 4%)
Transfer: 0%
📍Cross-Chain Bridge Fee: 5% (burn 1%, liquidity 4%). No fees for transfers from other chains to BNB Chain.
Libera is incentivizing liquidity on multiple chains to turn Libera into a high APR farming token with hyper deflationary nature. You can multiply your money with KeyOfLife LIBERA LP Vaults now!
2/ Hourly Biggest Buyer Auto BNB rewards:
Every hour forever, we take 1 percentage of trading fees and reward the biggest buyer during that hour, which automatically sends BNB into their wallet at the end of every hour. This will encourage buyers to compete to make a big buy every hour to have a big reward of the hour, this is both a fun and rewarding game to our buyers.
3/ Automatic LP Nuking:
For every sell, 25% percentage of the sell will be burned to dead address from the LP. This is a new mechanism that will Lift the price floor with each sell through liquidity pair adjustments in favor of the LIBERA holders.
This mechanism is never seen before and will be a game changer in making the price stability, let's wait and see it in action
4/ Circuit breaker mechanism to prevent panic sell
An advanced circuit breaker is implemented in the LIBERA contract: If total of 0.3% price drop happens in 30 minutes, buy tax 8% / sell tax 30% is applied on BNB chain
5/ Ultimate Gamification
A lottery game to be implemented soon to both add to your LIBERA bag and reduce your sell tax from 20% to 10% in your next sell if you win. More gaming and degen mechanics coming soon!
With these new 5 mechanisms in LIBERA, we think that for LIBERA, unlike other tokens, will have buy pressure will be greatly increased and the sell pressure will be greatly reduced. Combined with LIBERA being a deflationary token itself, with an aggressive burning mechanism that makes LIBERA become rarer over time, the supply shock will soon be achieved. Plus the CEXes listing and we will see LIBERA prices surges soon.
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